15 best blogs to serve as guides in education and entertainment

In the Internet, you will find plenty of useful info on education and entertaining. So, plenty that it is hard to follow it all, especially for a student with a constant shortage of time. Therefore, we would like to offer 15 blogs, which we believe, are among the best guides in your search of what you actually need. The list includes websites about travelling, study, books, movies, distant learning etc. for better orientation in the multitude of apparently attractive sources, which are not always what you exactly want. We are glad to share this information and we want to mention that we were inspired by DarwinEssay Blog.


The eLearning Coach. Connie Malamed, the informator and visual designer provides you with tips of successful distance learning. The blog has lots of reviews, topical guides and expertise on successful eLearning at both computer and mobile.

The College Survival Handbook. What if it is hard for you to study at college and college days feel like endeavor?  This site curated by a “survived student” will share with you proven life hacks for successful college learning and graduation. Besides the author teaches you to attain set goals.

Spirit Voyage If you keep track with modern fashion and wish to master yoga and similar spiritual arts, the blog is a nice starting point for you. It provides lots of info about yoga, meditation, and the practice of Kundalini supported with photos, videos and necessary advice.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree Tired of your professor’s snobbish language and complex terminology? Here you may read simple-style scientific articles yet truly rigorous and of a high academic quality. Real science need not necessarily be boresome and dull!


StudyAbroad.com’s Blog-Abroad One of the most useful sites for those who desire to study abroad. The blog answers your questions about college, country, programme, scholarships, grants, tuition fees and alike. Here you may as well discuss all these issues with international students.

The Official API Blog In search of a challenging abroad programme or other means to improve your self-development? Then this site is definitely for you. API is an appropriate guide to help students fully realize their academic potential providing excellent data package on additional and/or advanced learning.

WanderingEducators.com Essentially, the website is a set of blogs rather than a single blog. Here you may learn plenty valuable info on both education and travelling. Among the topics presented are international internships and jobs as well as academic conferences.

CEA Study Abroad Blog If you have selected a programme but still need to finalize some administrative issues, this is the right place for you to consult. CEA possesses an entire database of advices from international students on solving a wide variety of administrative problems probably including yours.

CISabroad’s Travel Journals The emphasis is on the cultural value of international education as well as on such everyday issues as transport details, accommodation and local catering. Besides, the blog resembles a social network in that you can communicate and discuss issues here.

The Study Abroad Blog The topic is student’s life in a foreign country. The blog is mainly dedicated to adaptation in the host city and to everyday issues like urban transport, hostels and meals. You may also pick up some advice how to save up more in a particular place.


Slash Film The blog posts information for those whose preferable pastime is watching a movie in the evening. The site’s content includes reviews, opinions, movie trailers and topics for discussion, as well as plenty of film details like cast, budget and more.

Pitchfork Recommended for melomaniacs and any folk interested in festivals, and news about music industry and prominent musicians. The website caters the interests of a wide audience as it provides information on diverse genres and topics.

D.G. Myers How to choose a book for my preference? At this blog, you will certainly find one based on numerous reviews, readers’ opinions and info about the author. Visiting this website, you will discover a lot of relevant information to select a book according to your taste.

The College Tourist Histories of a student’s travelling will not leave you indifferent but will certainly inspire you to your own adventures. Even regular trips will become special for you in the author’s presentation. Strongly recommended for those keen of travelling.

Sportz Biz News With so many sports each having its own championships and lots of participants, fans, clubs and everything, it is really hard to keep on track. But sports and sportsmen are a special sphere and some real sport lovers wish to know virtually all about them. Sportz Biz News will try to help satisfy this curiosity.